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Sunday, August 14th 2011

10:19 PM (2502 days, 5h, 20min ago)

We have moved

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      It took us both a while but we have moved and the link can be found below.

All our old posts (starting from 2003) and old haunts  (forlorn letters, dark gallery etc.) will still be found on this site whereas the latest blog posts will now be published on the other site. Please update your bookmarks and we hope you continue to haunt us on Raiveris' new blog page.

~Dark Raivenn & Circeris~
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Sunday, July 3rd 2011

11:12 PM (2544 days, 4h, 28min ago)

Blog Under Construction

Raiveris Bravejournal is under construction. We are both on the process of revamping things.
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Thursday, April 7th 2011

11:22 PM (2631 days, 4h, 18min ago)

m--My graveyard of thoughts

  • Mood/Mindframe: pensive
  • Music: gackt - redemption


        I am still around just caught up in wandering through the graveyard of my memories calling for Ophelia forever floating down a river. She who is surrounded by flowers, oh so beautiful and oh so dead.

bits and pieces:
   to be added

cobwebs inside my head

~Dark Raivenn~
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Wednesday, April 6th 2011

2:49 AM (2633 days, 0h, 51min ago)


  • Mood/Mindframe: insert mindframe
  • Music: insert music

sample line inserts

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Thursday, March 24th 2011

2:06 PM (2645 days, 13h, 33min ago)


  • Mood/Mindframe: tragic
  • Music: otep

I don't know... why the night can seduce me more than you could...

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Saturday, March 19th 2011

6:21 PM (2650 days, 9h, 18min ago)

Site update

  • Mood/Mindframe: unhinged

~Updated Links Page.~

  Fixed About Raiveris Page.


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Monday, March 14th 2011

3:03 PM (2655 days, 12h, 36min ago)

floating thoughts

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I don't know... why the hell I'm watching mermaids at this time of the night, suddenly... 
It soothes me somehow though. There are just those moments when all your thoughts and feelings are muddled up, and I'm feeling inconsolable....

*it reminds me of the Sirens....

"Can you feel ... spirits embracing your soul ...

... So dream of secrets of darkness untold...

Let your arms enfold us... thru the dark of night..."

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Sunday, March 13th 2011

11:23 PM (2656 days, 4h, 16min ago)

m-- breathe me

  • Mood/Mindframe: wretched
  • Music: Sia - breathe me


          Sometimes when I stumble upon old shadows, fragments of what once was... somehow comforts and brings inner stillness. But it never lingers, it never does, it never will.It is afterall just faded mementos of a time long gone. Then silence sinks its claws deeper, managing to draw blood from what I thought was already a husk. Leaving me more wretched than before. Leaving me....

Help, I have done it again
I have been here many times before
Hurt myself again today
And, the worst part is there's no-one else to blame

Be my friend
Hold me, wrap me up
Unfold me
I am small
I'm needy
Warm me up
And breathe me

Ouch I have lost myself again
Lost myself and I am nowhere to be found,
Yeah I think that I might break
I've lost myself again and I feel unsafe

Be my friend
Hold me, wrap me up
Unfold me
I am small
I'm needy
Warm me up
And breathe me

Be my friend
Hold me, wrap me up
Unfold me
I am small
I'm needy
Warm me up
And breathe me

bits and pieces:
   to be added


~Dark Raivenn~

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Sunday, March 6th 2011

12:25 AM (2664 days, 2h, 14min ago)

...somewhere, something wants to wake me up

  • Mood/Mindframe: wordless visual thoughts
  • Music: diva's song
Diva's Song
from anime series: Blood+

Cano tasay noni, cano nimono
Kimah strata taday dato, nimo stprey datoo
Cano tasay noni cano nimono
Kamay sitodo lada nibonimoe
Kahmen di sono soda nimo,
Kahmen mayto no sildo hisa day astro
Misa day niatoe

Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah no tashano ni to no nimono
valmay sahano nada

I am the voice that calls your name
I am searching for you, love
I am searching for you

Where has love gone?
Nothing remains
Only blood
And sadness prevail

My heart bleeds for you, for you
I crawl in...in darkness

I am the voice
Of love that cannot live
Yet it doesn't die

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Saturday, February 26th 2011

10:39 PM (2671 days, 4h, 0min ago)

m_Libera Me

  • Mood/Mindframe: mopey and morose
  • Music: Libera me


          There are so few things in the world that nourishes that inner loneliness. When found, these things are too few and too far in between. The things I seek has faded long ago and I have been washed away by the tides of time. What is left is a semblance of an empty shell of what once was. Though years have passed, I am still mourning me.

bits and pieces:
   fish don't drink

黒執事, Kuroshitsuji

~Dark Raivenn~

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Thursday, February 24th 2011

12:30 PM (2673 days, 14h, 10min ago)

My beloved Black Butler 2 of 2

  • Mood/Mindframe: still absolutely hyper with 2 cups of coffee and nothing else coursing through my veins

Random things that breaks the silence; part 2 of this post

I didn't even know glove biting can be so sexy until I saw this anime, who knows this might start a whole new glove fetish of sorts for me

undertaker and sebastian

grell and the undertaker character whose name I don't know

bits and pieces:
   The next physical thing the human species will lose because of evolution will be the wisdom teeth. After that, the little toes. Or so contend the anthropologists.


continuation of this post  My beloved Black Butler 1 of 2 

~Dark Raivenn~

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Thursday, February 24th 2011

12:12 PM (2673 days, 14h, 27min ago)

My beloved Black Butler 1 of 2

  • Mood/Mindframe: absolutely hyper with 2 cups of coffee and nothing else coursing through my veins

Random things that breaks the silence;

          There are things that wake me up from my usual stupor which apparently started becoming more usual after the quarter life crisis I went through. The last anime that has been posted on here that managed to evoke this reaction on me was vampire knight.The anime I am talking about this time though is called Black Butler.

          It is about making a pact with the devil, plotting and revenge. It is all set in Victorian England which is a big plus. Anime plus a Victorian theme is always a bonus in my book.There is a character there named Madame Red and I love her style. The anime has two season out right now and I honestly prefer the first season over the second one.

         Works like these fills my head with images and momentarily urges me to create something whether by drawing, painting, doing photography, a digital art or good old writing poems. I can never quite say which one came first drawing or writing poems. They always went hand in hand, one inspiring the other. Someday I hope to be able to write poems in Spanish, when I accomplish that, it will be the moment where I can truly say that I have mastered that language. Being able to express myself in another language allows me to view things in a different perspective. It lets me experience a different world and the culture that is associated with that language.

          It would seem that I digress once again. Back to the anime, after watching all of it I found myself wanting more which lead me to reading the manga sadly like Vampire Knight the manga is still not finished. I prefer reading manga’s or getting into animes that has already been wrapped up because I can do a marathon that way and I don’t have enough patience to wait for the monthly instalments.

          Anyway, aside from Madame Red, I love Sebastian as well who wouldn’t. I didn’t even know Butlers can be sexy until I watched this anime. Butler and sexy usually doesn’t belong in the same sentence in my vocabulary. I generally prefer guys a bit more dishevelled with a touch of eccentricity. This character proves to be an exception and I almost forgot about Grell Sutclife, I love his brand of crazy...it never fails to make me smile. Next to Grell will be the undertaker guy

         For those who are interested you can watch the anime on youtube in Funimation’s channel.

Link here

And here goes a montage of images to whet the palette so to speak.

madame red + grell

Grell Suttcliffe

this image will make more sense once you have seen the anime

post to be continued

~Dark Raivenn~

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